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3100 word article: We will be releasing our official top three hundred (300) prospect list tomorrow for the 2017 bantam draft! We've been in contact with over eighty-five (85) scouts, coaches, managers, agents and advisors, and in this rather detailed article we have concise thoughts on where player prospects should be ranked on our soon to be released Master List players discussed include Anson McMaster @AnsonMcMaster, Ronan Seeley, Matthew Hoffart, Braydan Peters, Cole Tisdale @ColeTisdale1, Scout Truman, Kaiden Guhle @kguhles_4, Stanley Cooley @scooley19, Tom Cadieux @CadieuxTom, Kaden Kohle @kadenkohe, Cohner Saleski @cohner_saleski, Ty Thorpe @tythorpe8, Josh Pillar @JoshPillar, Ryan Watson, Noah Kuntz, Ben WourmsRowe @benwourms_, Kalen Szeto, Brett Fogg @BFogg, Mac Gross, Dawson Springer, Dylan Scriven @scriven_02, Justin Strathopoulos, Joel Sexsmith, Ozzy Wiesblatt @ozzywiesblatt, Sebastian Cossa @SebastianCossa, Noah Danielson, @noahdanielson9, Ty Yoder, Kadyn Chabot @kadynchabot, Jace Isley @IsleyJace, Carter Savoie @CarterSavoie, Ethan McKinley @ethan11mckinley, Logan Dowhaniuk @LoganDowhaniuk, Garin Bjorklund @Garinbjorklund, Noah Danielson @noahdanielson9, Michael Benning, Brendan Kuny @BrendanKuny, Ethan Leyer @e_leyer12, Sheldon Kwiatkowski @shelly_kwi, Austin Spiridakis, Dallon Melin @dallon_melin, Alex Thacker @athacker_21, Jacob Bodnaruk @jbodz99, Kieran Raymond @K_raymond_, Ryley Morgan @RyleyMorgan1, Carter Savoie @CarterSavoie, Noah Boyko, Kaden Reinders, Jacob Franken @jacobfranken9, Cole Carrier, Noah Boyko, Raphael Pelletier, Dominic Morin, Greg Nelson, AJ Macaulay @AJ_Macaulay11, Jesse Burchart, Noah Lamb, Jacob Boucher @thewaterboyjake, Riley Fiddler-Schultz, Daron Cyr, Spencer Florchuk, Dario Neri, Corson Ceulemans, Ethan Hein @ethanhein31,Jared Thompson and Evan Bortis @8Bortis

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