PODCAST – SASKATCHEWAN BANTAM DRAFT REVIEW – (Length - 19:03): The Scouting News takes a look at twelve top ranked prospects of note including: Cohner Saleski @cohner_saleski (teammates loved him on and off the ice), Stanley Cooley @scooley19 (classy player, and smart as they come), Davin Griffin (talented, speedy and smart as they come), Tom Cadieux @CadieuxTom (one of the best defenders in western Canada - focused kid), Jackson Berezowski @jacksonbere7 (superb vision, and uses his teammates well on the ice), Ethan Ernst @Selects12 (body positioning on the boards is as good as it gets), Ethan Hein @ethanhein31 (goalie took his team all the way to the league finals this season), Boston Maxwell (physical forward plays a WHL style of game), Chase Hamm @CH0031 (brings his A game when it matters the most), Jordan Edwards (tough to play against one on one), Jaxon Wiebe (Moose Jaw’s leading player would have been more prominent player if he was in academy) and Reed Jacobson (one of the most dangerous players in the province when he is in possession).

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