PODCAST (Length: 13:27) - Game on! WHL - SJHL teams are heavily recruiting player prospects in the province of Saskatchewan right now, so, we thought we’d do a podcast to give you a primer on prospects worthy of scouting attention like Albert Trew (gives his team a chance to win), Dylan Ashe (good in his own end), Boston Bayly (came out of nowhere in the last month of the season), Brayden Deck (good defending the cycle down low), Graham Skinner (offensive defender who can run a PP), Walter Somers @walter_somers (one of Saskatoon’s best prospects), Andrew Urbaniak (always playing physical and competing hard), Luc Charpentier (always creating with speed), Rhett Gibson (his shot is his best asset), Ashton Harris (performs hard in all three zones), Aaron Lorenz (didn’t miss a beat coming off an injury), Levi Morley (tough to play against in the corners and down low), Josh Paulhus @Paulyalus (one of the provinces most underrated players), Robert Pizzey (the ultimate energizer bunny), Colby Ralston @RalstonColby (speed makes him a draft day threat), Dylan Scriven @scriven_02 (proved he could play with top players at SaskFirst), Cashe Stevenson (creates chances for his team) and Conrad Timmerman (physical player who always shows up) and Kalen Ukrainetz (one of the most underrated talents for the draft).

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