PODCAST - 9 minutes: Top five ranked class of 2017 WHL draft prospect Kaiden Guhle @kguhle_4 (D, 2002) sat down yesterday with The Scouting News for a feature interview (podcast) - discussion points in our interview included 2016-2017 showing, areas of his game he’d like to improve the most, learning when to jump into the rush, leadership, working effectively with his teammates, Alberta Cup, summer plans, what his plans are to improve his shot, strength, evasiveness and movement, how he deals with social media, his older brother influence on his career, the importance of being your own person and his thoughts on the best goalie he played against (Proctor-Ramirez), toughest forward (Connor Mcclennon, @ mcclennon_94) and player who will surprise the scouts the most from this age group (Luke Prokop, @ lukeprokop_6).

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