Angelo Ricci @AngeloRicci16, a skills coach with the Buffalo Sabres (NHL), T-Birds hockey and riccihockey.com sat down yesterday with The Scouting News for an all-encompassing interview which touched on the following subjects: Seth Jones’ seth_jones3 developmental pathway, family and why he became a special player in the long term … USHL draft thoughts on John Driscoll @John_Driscoll4, Mason Mannek @mannek90, Callan Sandquist @cal_sandy33, Austin Park, Jackson Millar and Jake Vaughan @vakejaughan … the marathon of player development … why you should never compare yourself to other players … late developing players … importance of not getting too high or too low … the reality of the draft … the positivity of being a free agent … using the draft as a positive motivator … the reality of the draft … not taking the process too personal … finding ways to get better and better … three things NHL developmental coaches place extreme value in … the importance of a player's compete level … passion and heart, and how they help you overcome a lot of adversity … the importance of being a pro and being disciplined in every pathway of your life … hockey is catching up to the NFL in terms of training … shorter training camps, and why the preparation is more important than ever … YOUTUBE - and how the ability to review games, practices are helping coaches and player get better together …


Great interview with coach Ricci, that’s for sure. Below are the two special podcast links.