Hmura Interview

Chicago Mission coach Christian Hmura sits down with The Scouting News to give us the player scouting/evaluation lowdown on prospects Ethan Baker (ready to play in 2/3 week), Egan Beveridge (Brad Marchant clone), Bjorn Bronas (one of the best 2007's in the country), Eddie Gatch (AA goalie that has come out of nowhere this season), Asher Barnett (elite NTDP talent is super competitive), Cole Mckinney (most dominant player ever coached by Coach Hmura), Holden Carter (hybrid F/D is one of the best in the world), Luke Brierley (elite defender is a different player this season after working all summer with a Canadian trainer), Ronny Bender (one of the best motors in the 2007 game), Ryan Aaronson (pro skill set shooting ability) and Cameron Aucoin (converted forward made the transition seamlessly to D before nationals) …

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