Davin GriffinOne of our Saskatchewan based scouts is doing some heavy prep work for Monday's top 300 WHL draft list, and he submitted to us his top forty-eight ranked forwards and best top ten goalies for the WHL bantam draft. It's an interesting list, and we think it's an excellent indicator in how it would all go down today if the draft was held based on what has happened to this point of the season … a few notables listed in the ranking include @cohner_saleski scooley19 @JoshPillar @Selects12 @kadenkohe @CadieuxTom @jacksonbere7 @benwourms_ @AlecSaretzky @Korzy19 @drew_englot @DavisDc172 @quinn_strang13 @jonah_regier @colbyralston7 @Paulyalus @MattMillette10 @RDekowny @ziola21 @BFogg @22Ranch @Johnnycarmy15 @alex_ozar @scriven_02 @blake_duke20 Evan Bortis @Bortis_10 @35Welke @CH0031 Goal.

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