Scouting Insider! GTHL scout Jason Gray joins The Scouting News to chat about OHL Draft eligible prospects, social media, spreading the word on top players, building value as a scout, Jamie Drysdale (#1 candidate for the draft), Cole Perfetti (Gray talks about Cole’s off the charts zone entries sets him apart), Cam Peters (Jason’s impressions after 25 viewings this season), Ryan ORourke (16 things Gray has observed this season), Ty Tullio (Jason impressed with Ty’s dynamic progression and maturity), Devlin O’Brien (Grey talks about this youngsters superb motor and pace), Owen Power (Jason talks about his world class patience, fluidity, poise and grace), Kyle Jackson (player on a lower level team that Gray has identified as a sleeper), Jack Bar (Jason has interesting comments, and a Power vs. Bar comparison) and Ivan Mikuljan (Gray explains why every team needs a PK rock on the back end like this player) …


Here is what Jason had to say!