Gavin Garland

A WHL scout provided us with his thoughts on prospects from the west that will get a ton of attention when the season opens back up in September … notes on …Gavin Garland, Matthew Lahey, Charlie Elick, Gojsic Hiroki, William McIsaac, Cayden Lindstrom, Gabriel Guilbault, Raiden Zacharias, Tomas Mrsic, Chase Valliant, Seth Tansem, Eric Emery, Dryden Kuramoto, Diego Buttazzoni, Emmett Barnett, Carter Matthews, Cameron Sytsma, Maddix McCagherty, Caleb Hadland, Kayden Longley, Jacob Goudreau, Jesse Heslop, Merrek Arpin, Miguel Marques, Braeden Veldhuizen, Diego Johnson and Justin Ivanusec ... (I) @gavin.garland91 @_mattlahey @charlie.elick @hirokigojsic @chillerwill @caydenlindstrom @_gabrielguilbault @raiden_zacharias @tomasmrsic @chasevalliant18 @seth.tansem @dryden51 @diego_buttazzoni @barnett__4 @matt_carter16 @cameron.sytsma4 @mccagherty93 @calebhadland_10 @kayden.longley @jacob.goudreau06 @jesseheslop10 @merrek_arpin @_06miguel08_ @braeden_veldhuizen @diegojohnson19 @justinivanusec and (T) @Anthony_Garland @TatyanaG19 @ElickCharlie @william_mcisaac @barnett_emmett @JacobGoudreau1 @JuicyDangles @tiaheslop @snipers_hockey ...

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